The Brigands Inn’s COVID-19 Safety Precautions FAQs

At the Brigands Inn, we take our responsibility as a safe space for the public very seriously. We have performed various risk assessments on our business and taken into account government guidance (which can be found here: on the subject to make sure we maintain good hygiene and safe organisational procedures.

As we have taken these precautions, in return we ask that if you feel unwell, namely you have a: fever, dry cough, or loss of taste or smell then please make sure you do not come to the Brigands Inn for at least 2 weeks from the date when your symptoms started.

The other thing we ask of our patrons is to stay alert and try your best to keep at least 2 metres away from anyone who is not in your household or support bubble. While we have taken all reasonable steps to ensure your visit is as safe as possible, it is each person’s responsibility to keep themselves and their family and friends safe.

Finally, please be kind and patient while we are implementing these measures. This is the new normal for all of us and there may be some teething problems while this is being configured.

If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to any of our friendly members of staff who have been briefed on the relevant procedures.

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Really important bits are written in red, so if you don’t have time to look at our full list of requirements, just give these a look below…

Question 1

Will I be contacted if someone that visited at the hotel at the same time as me tests positive for COVID-19?

  • We will take the name, contact telephone number, and email of all residents and visitors at the hotel. If we are informed that anyone who has been at the Brigands (including our staff) contracts the virus, we will endeavour to inform all those that were at the Brigands at the same time as the infected person so that they may take the relevant precautions.

Question 2

If someone contracts COVID-19 that has stayed at the hotel, will it be closed?

  • Yes, the Brigands will be closed for two weeks and reopened after we are sure the risk of catching the virus has been minimised and we feel it is safe to do so.

Question 3

How are your staff being protected from the virus and what measures are the staff taking to limit the spread of the virus?

  • We have face shields, gloves and personal hand sanitizer for all of our staff members to keep with them at all times.
  • We have briefed our staff to ensure that if they have any of the symptoms of COVID-19, no matter how minor, they will not come into work.
  • We also have a laser-pointer thermometer, which we will use to take our staff members’ temperatures at the start of each of their shifts. If they have a fever, they will be asked to go home as soon as possible.
  • High frequency contact surfaces (such as the take away table and toilets) will be cleaned hourly or as frequently as is reasonable.
  • Generally speaking, we have limited the amount of staff we employ to a skeleton staff. This is to ensure we have as few a number of people coming in about out of the business as possible.
  • All staff have taken an online course to certify that they understand the risks of the virus and how to mitigate them. They have then trained the rest of the staff using the knowledge acquired from their certification to roll out this knowledge across the business.

Question 4

How are the rooms being cleaned between hotel bookings?

  • After assessing each room, we have tried to minimise the amount of soft furnishings in them. This means, all curtains, throws, cushions, and other soft furnishings have been removed. If you are staying in room 8 or room 10, you will notice a large sofa in the room. Each of these will be cleaned with steam cleaners between each booking to ensure the sofas have been sterilised.
  • Our cleaners are given checklists of all the hard surfaces they are required to wipe with anti-bacterial spray. These checklists will be left in the room so every resident has access to this information.
  • Since the cleaning is becoming more thorough, check in time has been moved to 5pm and check out will now be required by 10am. Please talk to our staff prior to arrival if you need us to make special preparations.

Question 5

What precautions are being taken for customers of our take away?

  • Our kitchen staff have been provided with personal hand sanitizer and already maintain excellent hygiene.
  • You can pick up your take away from the door at the rear of the building. If there is no one there to serve you, please ring the bell.
  • We ask that our customers pay by card as opposed to paying by cash; this is to limit the risk of spreading the virus by passing items between the customers and staff members.
  • We ask that, where possible, you order your take away prior to coming to the Brigands. This is so we can limit the amount of times you need to visit the desk to order your food or drinks.
  • We are trying to use disposable cutlery and plates where possible for take aways. Ideally, we would like customers to take their rubbish home and dispose of it at home. However, there will be extra bins available for some of the litter if necessary.

Question 6

Will the beer garden be open for food and drinks? What measures have you taken to minimise the risk of spreading the virus when dining outside?

  • Yes, we are able to open our beer garden for those who want to have a drink or something to eat. We recommend that you book your table prior to your visit, just to avoid disappointment, in case our tables are all full.
  • We will be serving drinks outside. These will need to be ordered and paid at the table. Please wait to be seated by one of our staff members.
  • While we will not be able to regulate this, please maintain within the coronavirus restrictions and only eat with one other household. Large groups may be asked to leave or provide they are from two households.
  • If you are queuing up to collect an order, please only queue up in single file. One person per party for the queue will be permitted. We also ask that you queue with 2 metres between each person. Generally, we want to discourage queuing, so if you can wait at your table or in your car until the desk is free, we ask that you please do that.

Question 7

Will we be able to use the public toilets at the Brigands?

  • If you are a customer of the Brigands, you will be able to use the toilet.
  • There will be a clear one-way system in place. Please keep within our clear instructions. The way to access the toilets are at the rear of the building.
  • Toilet queues should be limited to single file. If you have a child with you, you may accompany them to the toilet but please keep a close eye on them.
  • We will try and keep the toilets well ventilated, so please do not close the windows in the toilets.
  • We supply anti bac wipes in each cubicle for use by guests, toilets are also regularly cleaned by ourselves.
  • There will be hand sanitizer and kitchen roll available in all cubicles for guests who wish to sanitise the area before and after use. This is entirely optional.

Question 8

Will I be required to wear a mask while at the Brigands?

  • We recognise that there is evidence to suggest that wearing a mask may reduce the risk of spreading the virus.
  • All customers must now wear face masks when not sitting at a table.

Have any other questions?

Feel free to call us on 01650 511 999 or email

Thank you for reading and complying with our guidance while at the Brigands Inn. We’re all in this together and it is with your continued support and care that we are able to open and provide you with the high quality service you have come to expect from us.